Sunday, January 18, 2015

Preview of first chapter of Son of Thunder

Although I've posted the first chapter (excerpt) from Book Two of The Spear of Odin, The Cloak of Freya, I've now posted an excerpt of the first book Son of Thunder, Book One of the The Spear of Odin trilogy.

The Cloak of Freya excerpt will only make sense - or make more sense - after reading the first book in the series.

In any event, I hope you enjoy these excerpts and that they stimulate your interest. Feel free to comment, as I've included some questions on the CreateSpace site. 

Note that you only see the Greek, Norse and Chinese protagonists in the second excerpt from The Cloak of Freya. The size of the post is limited, otherwise I'd have included the entire chapter for each book.

The latest revision of Son of Thunder should post to Amazon shortly. The paperback's price (with really high quality paper, not like the newsprint in most bestsellers that you buy nowadays) was raised to the minimum to allow greater distribution, i.e. Independent Bookstores, libraries, etc.

And without further ado (Kindle edition on its way!) here's the link:

Chapter One excerpt from Son of Thunder


I've posted the rest of Chapter One, Son of Thunder, plus a sneak peak of Chapter Two.


Here's the link:

Son of Thunder conclusion of Chapter One and Chapter Two preview 


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  1. I received the book last week and have been reading it over the past weekend and enjoying it very much! I like it as much as the 1st Percy Jackson series. It's good fun and well researched. I recommend it very highly!