Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Cloak of Freya will be available in a few days from CreateSpace and Amazon.

  Book Two of The Spear of Odin trilogy will be available in a few days. Kindle edition will follow soon after. Watch for links.

Verbier Festival with Live Performances available

Just like Peter Perkins, I'm fond of classical music. You can see brilliant international artists live at the below link and if you miss a performance, they're on the site for later viewing.!/verbier-festival-on-medicitv 

Upcoming live is displayed on the top of the home page: 

For more on the festival itself:!/surprise-concert-medici-tv-10-years-at-the-verbier-festival

Friday, July 22, 2016

Finishing revisions to The Cloak of Freya

It's almost done (minor corrections) so the book should be out very soon. As I wrote, I'll post links as soon as it's available on both CreateSpace and Amazon. Kindle edition will follow shortly.

Thanks to all the fans for their patience.