Monday, July 3, 2017

Have a Happy Fourth of July

As part of the celebration, read my latest for on a wonderful book that's perfect patriotic reading and a celebration of liberty.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I'm hard at work on the final book, The Well of Mimir.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Childish Things"

My latest for on how J.K. Rowling as a Social Justice Warrior on Twitter no longer seems to share the values she espoused as an author of Harry Potter.

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Am I the only one to see the parallel between the press’s treatment of Donald Trump (although no angel), using disinformation and falsehoods, and the actions described in the series of books by the Wizard government, embodied in the ministry, using their press to spread lies against Harry Potter? In the denouement of the series, the Ministry of Magic “reaches a nadir of corruption before being effectively taken over by Lord Voldemort,” the villain of the series. And what is Voldemort’s modus operandi in the series finale? He establishes a totalitarian police state.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hard at work on the final book

Yes, I'm spending too much time on Gab but I'm working on the conclusion to the trilogy, the final book.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas! 

I wanted to share this Christmas Eve. How Germany has changed...

This program features an unforgettable Christmas concert, performed at the Berlin Schauspielhaus just after the German reunification. Performing traditional Christmas music in a very intimate atmosphere are the Tölz Boys' Choir, the Güttler Brass Ensemble, mezzo soprano Doris Stoffel, the Zagorsk Monastery Choir, tenor Siegfried Jerusalem, and several other famous groups and soloists. Pieces are enhanced with beautiful Christmas images. The finale is a moving ensemble performance of Silent Night, Holy Night.

This music program offers beautifully performed classical music plus everything that symbolizes the glory of Christmas: family celebrations, town festivals, snowy mountaintops and religious ceremonies. Each program features world-famous soloists, ensembles and choirs coming together to celebrate Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!

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